itel ISW-31 200mAh 1.72” Smart Watch

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Last updated on December 9, 2023 2:32 am

Buying Guide: itel ISW-31 200mAh 1.72” Smart Watch


Choosing the right smartwatch can enhance your daily activities and keep you connected on the go. The itel ISW-31 200mAh 1.72” Smart Watch is a feature-packed device that offers style and functionality. This buying guide will help you make an informed decision when selecting this smartwatch.


  • Model Name: SW-31
  • Screen: 1.72 PS 240*283
  • Battery: 200mAh
  • BT version: V5.0
  • Input port: Magnetic attraction charging
  • Color: Black
  • Other functions: Message notification, Find phone, Remote camera, Muti-dial theme, Stopwatch, Female menstrual cycle reminder

Product Features

  • Product Line: itel NG Accessory-COD
  • Model: ISW-31
  • Size L x W x H cm: 85*43*135mm
  • Weight kg: 0.1625
  • Color: Black

Buying Guide

1. Determine Your Needs

Consider your lifestyle and requirements before purchasing the itel ISW-31 Smart Watch. Are you primarily interested in fitness tracking, receiving notifications, or both? Understanding your needs will help you choose the right features.

2. Screen Size and Resolution

The itel ISW-31 features a 1.72” PS display with a resolution of 240×283. This clear and vibrant screen allows for better visibility and an immersive experience. Consider the screen size and resolution based on your preference for watching content and reading notifications.

3. Battery Life

The itel ISW-31 is equipped with a 200mAh battery, ensuring long-lasting usage. Assess your usage patterns and choose a smartwatch with a battery life that aligns with your needs. The itel ISW-31 offers a balance between functionality and battery efficiency.

4. Connectivity

The itel ISW-31 supports Bluetooth version 5.0, providing stable and fast connectivity with your smartphone. Confirm that your smartphone is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 to ensure seamless synchronization with your smartwatch.

5. Design and Comfort

The itel ISW-31 boasts a sleek and stylish design, particularly in its black color variant. Consider the size, weight, and overall aesthetics based on your personal preferences. Additionally, ensure the smartwatch’s strap material and buckle type provide a comfortable fit for long-term usage.

6. Additional Features

Explore the additional features offered by the itel ISW-31, such as message notifications, remote camera control, multi-dial theme options, stopwatch functionality, and the female menstrual cycle reminder. Assess the relevance of these features to your daily routine and choose accordingly.


The itel ISW-31 200mAh 1.72” Smart Watch is an excellent choice for those seeking a feature-packed smartwatch with style and functionality. By considering your needs, screen size and resolution, battery life, connectivity, design and comfort, and additional features, you can confidently select the itel ISW-31 to enhance your daily life.

Specification: itel ISW-31 200mAh 1.72” Smart Watch



Product Line

itel NG Accessory-COD



Size L x W x H cm


Weight kg




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